We’re looking for influencers who aren’t afraid of standing out in a crowd.ArmadilloTek Brand Ambassadors will be the brand’s biggest supporters, driving awareness and educating friends and followers about ArmadilloTek. Our Brand Ambassador changes their case as often as they change their shoes

- Age 18 or older 
- Must have an active social media presence (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook) 
- Following of 500 or more on Instagram 
- Must post in English 
- Post about ArmadilloTek often on social media (minimum 1 post a week). 
- All Instagram posts must tag @ArmadilloTek both in the photo and caption as well as include #ArmadilloTek. 
- Educate yourself on the ArmadilloTek brand, aesthetic and seasonal products. 
- Provide us with internal productive feedback on the product provided, reviewing the wear & tear, functionality, overall comments, and suggestions. 
- Receive three of the latest ArmadilloTek designs. 
- Be recognized as an ArmadilloTek Brand Ambassador for a three-month term (duration is subject to change). 
- You will have the chance to be featured on some of ArmadilloTek’s social platforms. 
- Brand Ambassadors are also eligible to see a sneak peak of all pre-delivery items (prior to scheduled delivery to stores).


Please submit a Cover Letter telling us why you want to be a ArmadilloTek Brand Ambassador include: 
- All of your social handles 
- Your device (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ etc.) 
- Screenshots of your three top Instagram posts

Show us why you should be a ArmadilloTek Brand Ambassador. Whether it’s a video or a series of photos, have fun with it! 
Submit your entries to
Submission Deadline: ongoing