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This year, we have made a huge improve on the beloved Vanguard Series. And we have rebrand us to CaseBorne.
So this Version 2.0 design focus on 2 things:
1st. We redesign the kickstand and now it is 3x stronger than before.
2nd. We add an extra layer inside the case with EVA foam, which will provide better protections for drops and scratches.

Even you do not have iPhone 13, but you can still help us to get them and provide feedback on the impartments.

We are  so sure that iPhone 13 will be super popular, you can give the cases to anyone you know. Also, please share our products via social media, forums and more.

We really need some words of mouth. As return, we will offer you a free 20W PD quick charger or an 18W car charger.

You will still need to get it from Amazon, but this time please DO NOT make any Amazon REVIEWS. We do not want to violate Amazon's policy.

All we wants are getting feedback and letting more people use our products.


Order From Amazon

Very Important:
1. We will offer you the cost of the cases up front. Just email us at with the total and a screenshot. ( Please add taxes)
2. You need to get all 3 cases. Link provide below.

Choose Your Prize

We Offer 2 different chargers:
1.The 20W PD Quick Wall Charger
2.The 18W Quick Car Charger

Please make sure you choose one and put it in the email with the total and screenshot

Provide Feedback

After you get them, please make sure you compare them to the previous version you got from us.  And provide us the feedback to help us improve the design. 
After that, please share the cases with others who can use them. 
Spreading the words of mouth is highly appreciated. 

Let's get started:

1. We provide the links below, please make sure you get all the 3 cases, all in Black. 
2. After you click them, please make sure you spend at least 2 mins to read all the info, and ask a real question you want to know on Amazon pages.
3. Add them to shopping cart, go to check out, and process it to final checkout, where there will show you the total includes Taxes.
4. Send an email to with the screenshot of the total and your PayPal email.
5. Don't forget to let us know which charger do you need. And add your shipping address. 
6. Please make sure you receive the fund before you finish the purchase, We want you to feel 100% comfortable when you help us.

Choose all 3 cases

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Get 20% Off on Amazon with Coupon 

Shop On Amazon

Get 20% Off on Amazon with Coupon 

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