Welcome to our free cases program

Great Case, Free!

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About this program

We are a small business from Frisco Texas.
We focus on making great rugged cases at an affordable price.
We just hate big brand taxes, especially hate apple tax.
As a brand with great quality and a detail-oriented mind, sadly we do not have enough money to build brand awareness.
 So we decide to offer free cases to exchange your feedbacks and create words of mouth.

Our Story

Well, we are just normal Texans who used to break tons of screens and hated to pay 60 dollars to get an Otterbox.
 We started our ArmadilloTek Inc in 2018, we have sold more than 800K cases and have tons ( we are serious: more than 50k 5 stars reviews on Amazon)
We have a passion: Build a super awesome company with super awesome products plus super awesome customer service. 

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What is the catch of this program?

Come on, man!
There is no catch at all. This is more like a rebate program, you need to get the products from Amazon.
But we are not a normal company, we are a company that cares about you so much. So we will rebate you before you make a purchase.
There are more than 10K XDA users who tried our products. We are sure most of them love us!
We will do whatever to make you comfortable.
No catch, only free case.

How it works?

1 Get the rebate 

Make sure you have the rebate before anything. Yes, we will rebate you via PayPal first. There is no restriction no risk at all. 
We are the only one who takes all risks. 

2 Get the case

You will receive an instruction on how to get it.

3 Provide feedback

Make sure you have it and test it. We are not buying reviews, but want to hear about your thoughts and how you like them, and how we can improve them.