How To Clean Your Phone Case During Covid-19 From ArmadilloTek

How To Clean Your Phone Case During Covid-19 From ArmadilloTek

During this uncertain time, your safety and health are the most important thing. 

Right now, people are all talking about keeping hands clean is the safest thing that everybody should focus on. But those EDC (everyday carry essentials) are also needed to keep clean, especially the smartphone. 

Here we have some tips on how to clean your phone and phone cases to keep them nice, shiny and sanitized. 

1st: Using Disinfectant Wipe

This is the perfect and easiest way for you to take a disinfectant wipe to gently wipe around your phone or cases. This move will help kill germs and viruses. You should consider doing this every day or after you being out or in the restroom.


2nd: Soak In Warm Water And Soap

For your phone case and keys, you can use some hand soap mixed in the warm water, dip into the water for 20 seconds with gentle scrubs, drying it with a paper towel, you are good to go.

For the phones, you can use a soapy cloth to clean them. Just make sure you stay away from charging ports and speakers, and so on. Make sure you clean it for at least 20 seconds.


3rd: UVC Sanitizer Box 

The UVC will efficiently kill 99.99% of germs and viruses on your phones and so on. You can find PhoneSoap brand, or you can search phone sanitizer at amazon.

Well, we hope everyone can stay safe and keep healthy. Remember to clean your hands and EDC frequently.